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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Unexpected

He rubbed his eyes and tried to pay attention to the road. He'd just finished another 10 hour shift and the dark, empty roads were starting to give him tunnel vision.

The rain had melted some of the snow onto the roads making them shine under the white headlights.

He squinted his eyes looking ahead. He that.... He sat forward looking hard through the windshield....

Suddenly the tires screamed as he gasped and slammed on the brakes! The car swerved, fishtailing across the yellow lines.

White knuckling the steering wheel, he nearly hyperventilated. His chest heaved quickly. His eyes were wide as dinner plates. As smoke poured from the brakes all around the car he couldn't speak, he couldn't move and he couldn't take his eyes away.

Without warning she dropped to the ground so heavily she bounced.

His heart stopped as he watched her land. His hands came off the steering wheel slowly and immediately began to tremble. He hoped they'd stop when they found the door handle but it only got worse.

She wasn't moving, but once he got out of the car he could hear something....a gurgle or whimper perhaps?

His knees could barely support his weight. He found that his hands weren't the only part of him trembling. His mouth was suddenly dry as a dead leaf hanging from a dead tree in October.

He took a step...then another. He tried desperately to get spit to form in his mouth. Should he get back in the car and drive like hell? Should he call for help? Who would believe him? They'd lock him up for hitting her!

He took another step. The moonlight glared through the midnight sky creating a dark blue hue that made shadows across the road.

She still wasn't moving. He took another step. Soon, he was several feet in front of his car. He swallowed hard and moved closer. She was facing away from him on her back. Her arms and legs outstretched and still.

He tried to crane his neck to see her face without walking around her. "Hey." He said waiting to see if she'd move. " okay?" His voice trembled.

Suddenly, a loud rumbling began to shake the ground he stood on. He looked around frantically. Fog began to thicken. A sound came from the woman. He jumped and looked back at her to find her staring right back at him with the most horrified expression on her face.

A flash blinded the night and they were gone.

The car sat alone, engine running, headlights on, all alone in the dark misty night.
~Kara Stefanowich

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