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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Love and War

He looked down at his hands. Closing his eyes tightly, he focused on the details of what he knew he had to do.

It was always a struggle. Being born into a world of war. Never having a family, never having friends, it made him crazy. What was it for if not for love or happiness?

He opened his eyes and looked through the fiery clouds beneath his feet. For peace, he thought. It was all for peace. ...

He used his sub angelic powers to see through the ash and smoke to the mortals millions of miles below.

What a waste of life. He glanced from place to place, from one end of the earth to the next. They're given everything they need to flourish and still they choose to self destruct. He clenched his fists and bowed his head in sadness....
~Kara Stefanowich

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