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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Struggling for Success

As a writer I've been beating my head against my desk trying everything and anything to get noticed. And when 'nothing' comes back I can't help but wonder if I'm a terrible writer.

I'm sure I'm not alone in the 'Struggling Writers' club but it sure feels like it. I've hired marketing platforms. I've emailed all my local media mediums such as News Stations and Newspapers but still, here I sit, popping excedrin and praying for a break.

I apologize if my rampant "BUY MY BOOK" tweets are pissing off my followers. I certainly hope they are understanding and ignore them instead of unfollowing me. I also want to apologize to my friends on Facebook for the occasional push. Unfortunately, I've found that without the push I make 0 sales. Not that I'm making much with the push. LOL!!

So, what do I do? I've been reading articles in the New York Times and found that I really don't care about the authors they advertise. I know who they are. I've read their books. Quite frankly, the stream lined authors and books are too......well......streamlined. As a writer I want to read something new. I want to see new styles and fresh faces. Not that the 'been there and done that' Authors are no longer interesting writers, its just that with all the millions of other writers out there I shouldn't have to keep hearing about the one's I've read since childhood.

A contributor to Forbes wrote an article on a subject much like this one. She was right on the money.

Why do we have to be published by a traditional publisher in order to be noticed? I've been reading manuscripts from friends that have been far more appealing to me than books that have gone through  a bagillion edits and a dozen reforms. I don't need a fancy cover to catch my eye. I was always taught never to judge a book by its cover, anyway. Its content I look at. Perspective. I love the different ways people write. Such different styles and points of views. It's really amazing. I think if publishers were more accepting and open minded there would be a lot more successful writers getting published and even more money being made.

The readers are out there. The reason it's so hard for publishers to sell books is because the books they market are just too generic. Readers have been there and done that. We want something new.

As a writer, I want to be that 'something new'. Deep down inside I know my writing is very good. Maybe even more than good. But I'm judged by something as simple as the fact that I have no publisher. And when being judged by publishers, they simply say that the genre isn't what they want right now.

Genre??? Really???

Am I a good writer? Is the story well written? Is the subject matter popular? Is there a low number of editing errors? Am I young, fresh, hip, easy to work with and open to new ideas?? WELL???????

Where are all the good publishers?????

Why do I need them?????

I'm so frustrated. But I will say this, I will never give up. I am certain that writing is what I want to do for the rest of my life.


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  1. Hey, Hun... I can completely relate at times. But then others, I realize, it's not about the book that's out there already. It's about the book I'm writing. The next one waiting after that, and the next after that. If we focus too much on what we've already accomplished, we lose sight of where we're headed. I am a true believer that we don't make headway when we're banging that head away. (See what I did there? Heehee!) Good reader will follow, will find you when you make your voice loud enough not to be ignored. The good news is, you're already doing it! Just have faith in your writing, faith in your abilities to KEEP writing and carry on like a trooper! Besides, we need to stick together! Always feel free to tap me and ask for an RT or a shout out or WHATEVER I can do to help. If I can, I will do it. :D