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Monday, July 2, 2012


I've been thinking.....

After working on my biography for, oh, I dont know, a MILLION years now.... I realized that I'd left a LOT out. The reason for leaving so much out was because, everyone would know who they were in the story. And it wouldn't be a pretty turn out. The truth never is.

So I got to thinking, what if I change my name for the Non Fiction stories and keep my real name for the Fiction...?? Hmm?? What do you all think?

This way I can 'Tell All' and not have to deal with the inevitable aftermath. The story of my life is a long series of adventures, heartbreak, devestation and unbelievable excitement. Putting the whole story together would give you all a much better picture of adventure, death, tragedy, catastrophy and utter chaos. You know, life. A life you'll never believe actually took place.

This change would also give me the freedom to tell stories of other people's lives without disrespecting them or robbing them of their honor. I think its a win-win. :)

Penny for your thoughts?

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