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Saturday, December 22, 2012

I DID IT!! And still am....

Howdy Tweeps, Peeps and Creeps!

I haven't posted on here in a while....sorry about that! I'm a busy, crazy lady and had a lot going on. Still do actually, so let me get you all up to speed.

As of yesterday, I officially became a published author! *bows* Thank you, thank you. Yup, I finally finished the #TwitterNovel called Birds of a Feather. After MONTHS of work and edits and thanks to a wonderful publisher, Birds of a Feather is now for sale on Amazon! Check out Kindle Books at Amazon and you'll find me in there!

Here's the link:

I would like to take a moment to thank the publishers, Jim Scott and Derek Semmler at Teague Publishing for all their hard work. I'd also like to thank them for doing what every new author has been wishing for, for so long. For giving us a chance to be seen and read. (They're probably editing this paragraph as they read this....LOL!!)

Teague Publishing actually found ME online. With LITTLE persuasion I submitted my work to them after submitting it to countless other traditional publishers with little luck. Teague Publishing was quick to say, "We'd like to publish you." and give me a chance to show the world what I can do. I'm afraid, in this dying economy, I may not have ever had this chance without Teague Publishing. So thank you. I appreciate your tolerance and hard work more than you could ever know. I hope I do well, not only for myself but also for you, to help launch YOU into further success as well.

On a separate note, Teague Publishing is now working on my SECOND book! That's right, I have more! LOL!! The second one is quite different from the first. I know most writers tend to stick with one genre, but if you know me at all, since WHEN have I ever followed a straight road?

The next book to be released is a Paranormal Romance filled with action, mystery, magic and of course....*grins*! So keep your eyes peeled! I'll be slapping you all with it before you know it!

I hope you all have a great weekend! And if I don't blog again before the holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!